Thursday, 30 January 2014

Om sadgurave namah

Om sadgurave namah !
The word ‘Bhaishajya’ pertains to medicines and Maha Yaagam denotes a great ritual.  Unlike other Yaagas, in Bhaishajya Maha Yaagam, we use very rare and powerful medicinal herbs for oblation, which is the outstanding peculiarity of this event.  The intention of the Yaaga is to cleanse mother nature, the individuals and all beings on earth.  There exists a big science behind it which is part of the ancient heritage  of India and the great vision of the Seers of India.  ‘Ayurveda’ the Indian Medical Branch, is their contribution in which they used medicinal herbs  abundantly to cure diseases.  The word ‘Ayu’ refers to life-span and ‘Veda’ is knowledge.  Therefore, ‘Ayurveda’ means knowledge about your life-span.

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