Thursday, 13 February 2014

Maha Yaga Prasadam

PRASADAM’ means blessings from Deities in gross form. It is the most precious and coveted boon one may receive through rituals. Maha Yaga is the greatest ritual of highest order ever, and Yaga Prasadam is, thus, priceless and of immense value.
Whatever we receive from nature, we submit back a share of it to nature. Then nature pour more abundance and again we sacrifice more to nature. It is indeed a mutual give and take relationship between man and nature. Thus man and nature together maintain prosperity and happiness on earth. This is the great secret of all secrets of Maha Yaga.
Here is once in a life time golden opportunity for you to be blessed with a rare Bhaishajya Maha Yaga Prasadam Kit. It is a symbol of wellness and prosperity and it is a gift of God which can be preserved lifelong. The Prasadam Kit consists of :yaga


This is a unique and unparallel memento of Shakthiveda Bhaishajya Maha Yaga, that is, the Brick with which the huge and enormous “Yaga Kunda”, the oblation pit, is made. The Bricks absorb tremendous amount of energies all through 81 hours of continuous and non-stop oblation. At the end of the Yaga, these Bricks transform into a unit reverberating with high potent positive energy – “A Miniature Power House” indeed. Therefore, it will invite wellness to its ambience, no matter it is your home or business premises. The ideal location to install the kit is the north-east corner of your prayer room, or house or office. Yaga Mudra is an excellent proposition to install as foundation stone, if you desire constructing a new building.
There are other valid and strong scientific explanations also on the energy emission pattern of Yaga Mudra. Each Mudra works as a node of existence. Therefore, all the Mudras spread out in the world are nodes of existence and they create a networking. At cosmic level all the nodes are inter-linked. It functions beautifully like a fabric, like a cosmic carpet. The total grid of the nodes becomes very strong through their interconnectedness. This is an amazing phenomenon in the cosmic energy sphere.


These are the residue and quintessence of the Maha Yagam and the sum total of the entire 81 hour oblation. Bhasmam, as we know well, is a sacred and auspicious thing. Dravakam is an extract from Bhasmam. Both are equally positive and powerful. A special feature of Bhasmam and Dravakam is that it reduces the Geopathic Stress and expels unhealthy energies.


The above three items together constitute a Kit. The Yaga Mudra will be elegantly packed in wooden casket and the Bhasmam/Dravakam will be packed in cute bottles separately. These will be finally put in an ideal kit and packed neatly and intact.


We have only a very limited quantity of the Maha Yaga Prasadam Kit available with us. Therefore, it is being offered on advance booking as first-cum-first-served basis. It is always better for interested persons to book your Kit RIGHT NOW !
The cost of this sacred lifelong Prasadam is Rs.6000/- only per kit. (Courier delivery free anywhere in India)
Outside India courier charges extra.
Note: KIT will be delivered only after four weeks of the completion of Bhaishajya Mahayaga.
Contributions to this noble venture is exempted under Section 80G of I T Act
vide No. DIT(E) BLR/80G/233 AAJTS8411L/ITO(E)-3/VOL2011-2012
All donations may be sent in favour of Shakthiveda Wellness Mission
Account No.914994380,IFSC Code : IDIB000J017
At Indian bank,Jayanagar Branch,Bengaluru
For Booking assistance of Yaaga Prasadam
Contact : Sri. Suraj Kumar. S
Mobile : 095397 00465
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